Business Planning

Specialist advice to large and small businesses

We are able to offer specialist advice to large and small businesses around many areas of future planning and protection. Through the experience of our team and a range of trusted partners, this advice will cover most areas from the initial set up and structuring of a new enterprise through raising finance or investment for growth to the eventual exit.

At every stage it's important to ensure that correct steps are taken to make the most of opportunities but also to minimise risk and ensure that appropriate governance is in place; for example, to meet all statutory requirements. All business insurance needs can also be provided, with appropriate advice and discussion as well as a review of existing plans and costs.

Where a client operates internationally we are able to assist with appropriate insurance solutions, such as medical insurance and travel cover, in order to complete with local rules. We can also facilitate advice on the hire of local staff, with Human Resources and finance support available through a network of global and local specialist firms.

In most businesses the people are key to success. We offer advice around the implementation and ongoing administration of EMPLOYEE BENEFITS which can be structured both to assist with employee retention and wellbeing but also to try to ensure that key people have minimal absence in the event of accident or ill health. Employee retention and engagement can also be boosted through the implementation of different types of share scheme.

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Key people

We can assist with the provision of insurance for key people, against loss of life or incapacity, providing the business with appropriate income to facilitate an interim hire or mitigate cash flow difficulties created. This is in addition to the principals outlined under employee benefits where we seek to boost wellbeing and minimise absence.

Owner managed businesses

Where a business is owned by a group of individuals it's important to ensure that contingency planning is in place to cover the potential loss off a share holder. While a robust shareholder agreement may set out the terms of what happens to shares in the event of death of the shareholder, there is often a need to finance share purchase. Through a shareholder protection plan we can facilitate this. Through correct planning this can often also be made more tax efficient for the family or estate of the deceased.


If your business has cash reserves, particularly if they are likely to be held for the longer term, we can assist with investment strategies. While interest rates are low, many clients are looking for ways to improve the return available on their savings. It may also be appropriate for a business to purchase a property and we can provide support and advice around potential structures for holding commercial property, including the possibility of using pension funds to facilitate a purchase.